• Swing arm covers come on ALL Harley-Davidson Touring Models & Trikes. Their only purpose is to cover the swing arm rod-bolts. You will find one on each side of your bike. No matter which touring model you ride, the swing arm cover is made of black plastic.

    Upgrade Your OEM Parts
    Figurati Designs custom swing arm covers are made of 316L stainless steel which will never rust. They have 4 spring loaded ball bearings to secure them and an o-ring to seal, keeping contaminants out. Our custom swing arm covers are decorative, many designs to choose from, and functional. They are super easy to install, no appointment is needed at the dealership. You simply "pop" the BORING black plastic covers off and "push" on your NEW customized Figurati Designs swing arm covers.

    Imagine That...decorative and functional!
    Like we always say...the devil is in the detail...

    Everything we make is CUSTOM!

  • Figurati Designs Swing Arm Covers
    US Patent No. 11,807,329