Installation of Custom Swing Arm Covers

  1. Remove current black plastic OEM swing arm cover by prying underneath the outermost edge while pulling away from the motorcycle frame (using fingernails should will work).
  2. Thoroughly inspect the inside of the swing arm cavity to insure no debris or rust has accumulated over time.
  3. Once cleaned and inspected, it is recommended to spray a corrosion inhibitor into the swing arm cavity to help prevent rust building up.
  4. Line up your NEW Figurati Designs custom swing arm cover to the desired position (if swing arm covers have a motif or design). Press evenly on the swing arm cover until the outer lip is flush with the frame. *Figurati Designs has manufactured these products with the highest tolerances-they are made to fit very tight and in some cases may require a small amount of lubricant to allow our patented detent ball bearings to pass the flange in order to pop out into place and seal the swing arm cavity.
  5. To remove custom swing arm covers, use a flat edge tool to gently lift around the edges evenly, until the ball bearings detent and pull straight out of the frame.
Figurati Designs Swing Arm Covers
US Patent No. 11,807,329

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